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Hello, i just came to check on things. i haven’t stopped blogging. i’d switched blogs, because there are so many memories on this one and i’ve moved on from them. Yet i don’t want to delete them, so they remain here. my Sir has instructed me to make my main blog private, but i found a great blog hosting deal and i’m there now, except for the things i’m only allowed to say privately. i’m just a little confused on this.

Come see me at my new blog:

Okay… maybe not amazing… but i’m submissive.



New Blog

Reconciliation- Day 1 (Arrival)

August 1st, 2013
My husband arrived around 4pm. He walked in because the door was unlocked. I was cleaning the freezer. I dropped what I was doing and hugged him with my arms around his neck. We took all our 5 kids and went to Ruby Tuesday. I wanted nothing off that menu and everything was too expensive to pick something I was almost sure I wouldn’t like.

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Reconciliation- Day 1 (Arrival)