New Blog

Hello, i just came to check on things. i haven’t stopped blogging. i’d switched blogs, because there are so many memories on this one and i’ve moved on from them. Yet i don’t want to delete them, so they remain here. my Sir has instructed me to make my main blog private, but i found a great blog hosting deal and i’m there now, except for the things i’m only allowed to say privately. i’m just a little confused on this.

Come see me at my new blog:

Okay… maybe not amazing… but i’m submissive.



New Blog

Road (Rollercoaster) to Submission

My road from complete independence to submission.. imagine coasting down a smooth hill on your bike feeling the breeze on a hot day. (Doesn’t that sound nice? Well.. wake up!). i can’t speak about anyone else’s road but mine. i should call it a rollercoaster rather than a road, it twists, it turns to get around obstacles, loops backwards extremely fast and yet moves forward so slow that it needs those loops to build any speed to get anywhere. But maybe you don’t know what i’m talking about.
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Road (Rollercoaster) to Submission