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Hello, i just came to check on things. i haven’t stopped blogging. i’d switched blogs, because there are so many memories on this one and i’ve moved on from them. Yet i don’t want to delete them, so they remain here. my Sir has instructed me to make my main blog private, but i found a great blog hosting deal and i’m there now, except for the things i’m only allowed to say privately. i’m just a little confused on this.

Come see me at my new blog:

Okay… maybe not amazing… but i’m submissive.



New Blog

Breaking Point (The Apocalypse)

i know that i haven’t blogged in days, i’ve been emotionally occupied and anything i would have written would have been hollow. When you are hurting emotionally or even physically and people offer advice… i’m going to tell you… it’s infuriating, sometimes even insulting. Do they think that you are so incapable of thought that you couldn’t think of that yourself?
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Breaking Point (The Apocalypse)