Scolded (Poem)

His stern words i dread 
But i learn how to behave 
From the words that he’s said 
And his tone that i crave 

So that i know i’d done wrong 
And so i feel the guilt
Though my punishment’s long 
From the mess that i’ve built
To my Sir i love to submit 
Naught escapes his sight
And i know i deserve what i get
My Sir’s judgment feels right
It wasn’t much fun
He knows i knew better
i did what i’ve done 
And his tone makes me wetter 
Because then i know
How much he cares
And i’m held accountable 
By how much he dares
To help me to grow
Though my correction sears
i’m glad my Sir’s so wise
i am continuously molded
Because he does surmise 
That i should be scolded.

Scolded (Poem)

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