Obedience (Poem)

I’m sorry, Sir
When I misbehave
It’s not me, Sir
I’m not that brave

It’s your strength,  Sir
That I lean on
To obey you, Sir
Your conviction’s strong
To make my bottom sore
And when I can endure
No longer
I hear your words
Which make me stronger
I enjoy your praise
For my submission
Released from my phase
Of disobedience
I’m in awe, Sir
Of your determination
To correct my behavior
You have my appreciation
I give you my submission
I want nothing more
Submitting to you
Is what makes my heart soar
And my joy renewed

Obedience (Poem)

4 thoughts on “Obedience (Poem)

  1. david Price says:

    I love that poem its beautiful and I am very proud of you , I don’t think any Dom has as good or sweet Sub like you, I only want what’s best for you . I take no pleasure from punishing you it is true what parents say to a disobedient child when spanking their children it does hurt me more, but I only do it out of love and feel when you disobey I have failed you that’s why after wards I want to cradle you and hug you

    1. Thank you, Sir. i love when you are proud of me. And for whatever i previously did and whatever i happen to do in the future, i have just apologized for it and hopefully the punishment, whatever that may be… will be lighter. If not, I have more. Lol. 🙂

    1. Now let’s not be hasty, Sir. As my own lawyer i’d like to arrange a plea deal in advance. And it will probably consist of “Please…, Sir… please..” because I didn’t mean to do whatever I did. LOL

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