Reconciliation – Day 123

November 30th, 2013 – Saturday
I always seem to be conscious early, even before I know I am and remain that way for 20 minutes several times a night.
My husband was awake early and penetrated from behind. After a couple minutes he pulled out and rolled me over onto my back. I expected him to penetrate again in that position, but he performed oral.  After a couple minutes of that and my discomfort he inserted his finger, then I relaxed. I don’t like oral see alone, it’s so intense that it almost hurts. Maybe he’s doing something wrong, but how would I know since I’ve let no one else do that. So he continued until I orgasmed. I don’t know why I shake or if that’s  normal, but it seems unavoidable. Then he penetrated normally as I sucked his nipple until he finished. I hoped that he’d finish before I became aroused again and he did. Then I laid next to him.  He smacked my butt multiple times with his hand. It stung and I gasped. It was brief. I appreciated it, it always helps to stabilize my mood. When we were laying down he said something to me and I answered with an attitude. When he threatened to spank me I caught that attitude by the neck. My offensive wit and attitude are harder to tame. His threat or threatening look is enough to temporarily remind me. I thought maybe I could use a spanking, but opted to control my mouth on my own. (I didn’t dare to use that tone with my master, I just didn’t. I’m difficult, not crazy. Lol. ) I had brief slips of attitude several times and had several warnings which only help temporarily. Bad attitude, witty remarks/smart mouth, and too much defiance all result in warnings or threats. It really isn’t my fault if he asks a stupid question, I really try to ignore those, but can’t ignore them all- they happen to be too much fun to answer.

December 1st, 2013- Sunday
I got up about 5:30am and played World of Warcraft until we left that morning to go to Sam’s Club. Then we went to Golden Corral and the food there didn’t impress me, I only ate a plate of food and a bowl of fruit. I listened to a Wow Insider podcast during the long car ride and then another one. It’s no short trip to and from Sam’s. We tried all the food samples while there, so maybe I wasn’t that hungry when we got to the restaurant. At the restaurant I took my hair down and brushed it. My husband said not to do that, he said I was blowing hair around the restaurant.  I didn’t listen to him and was rather insulted. I wasn’t aware I was losing any hair or that I was anywhere near people’s plates. Maybe it was the (nonexistent) indoor wind. Well, I was upset with him for that. He decided to make me laugh by making idiotic faces, so I told him that being an idiot wasn’t going to work as I laughed a little. After eating we went home. I played World of Warcraft some and went into the bedroom, but he was watching football. I told him I was leaving, I can’t be in the same room with sports on TV. He asked what I wanted to watch. I said the last movie of Harry Potter. I didn’t see it when it was on TV yesterday because he was watching our Harry Potter Dvds in sequence, Dvds tend to bore me and I fell asleep sort of on purpose, it’s just not the same as watching it on TV. After the movie it was bedtime.

Reconciliation – Day 123

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