Reconciliation – Day 75

October 14th, 2013
This is the first official day of accepting that everyone at my husband’s place of employment has been fired and the place is essentially out of business.

They are actually still operating without temporary employees, office tasks I suppose. They owe him 2 weeks pay that he’s not going to get. I suppose the only way for a business to get away with that is to file bankruptcy, but we know the government wouldn’t do that. He didn’t leave at 6am. The kids left to school. I had made my husband breakfast as he requested. He left about 9am to see if what the letter said was true. I still think that sending letters is a cowardly way to fire people. I played World of Warcraft all day until it was time to make dinner. I made spaghetti and meat. I’d say spaghetti and meatballs but no hamburger I ever cooked has ever been a ball. =P

The mysterious texter from a previous day had texted and I said “hi”. He texted again, “What’s up”  but I never responded and haven’t heard from him since. I must have been in a dungeon at the time.

We went to bed as usual, but I couldn’t lay our 3 year old down in the boy’s room, because he had a cold when he woke this morning and couldn’t sleep with his mouth closed. I wanted to monitor him and laid him on my bed. We used Vick’s rub, but it didn’t seem to help. My husband kept calling his name to try to calm him into being able to breathe. I wished he’d stop that nonsense. We didn’t get much sleep until he settled down about 3am.

Reconciliation – Day 75

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