Nothing can Compare (Poem)

I miss his smile
I miss his laugh
I haven’t heard it in awhile

I miss his care
I miss his love
I miss the things we used to share

I miss my literal misunderstandings
I miss the statement in how he typed my name
I miss how he was so demanding
I wish that things were now still the same

I miss his excellent supervision
I loved the feeling that I belong
I loved him making my decisions
How could things have gone so wrong?

Doesn’t he want me anymore
Doesn’t he know how much I hurt
What is all this even for
Why do I let myself feel like dirt

Why isn’t he talking to me?
Can’t he even still be
My friend
How could this be the end
I can’t believe this is the end 

I swear my allegiance
If he’d come back to me right now
I’ll lose my defiance
If he’ll rightly show me how

Why can’t he stay
I’m screaming NO
Why does it have to be this Way
My love, don’t go
I can’t let go
I just have to let him know

I need him here
His love and care
Because nothing can compare

I must have his choice
And hear his Voice
I’ll take any punishment he deems fair
I’ll  take almost anything but this
This I cannot bear
Please just Let me make a Wish

That he be here
His love
His care
I swear that
Nothing can compare
He’ll be my Sir
And I’ll be his her
Because nothing can compare. 

Nothing can Compare (Poem)

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