Food Vs Fire And Pain And Lectures.. Not A Fair Fight.

July 11th, 2013
At the moment I choose to lie on my stomache, I will tell you why in a moment. I hadn’t recovered from my apparent good girl spanking 2 days ago, I got out of being punished yesterday, and really got it today.

Yesterday I was feeling too weak to be spanked for watching a guy do things, it was probably stupid to confess, but I like a clear conscience and the trust that goes with it.  I said that he could double my punishment, but I couldn’t do it submit to punishment right then. I was thinking that he’d forgotten. Today I hadn’t eaten yet. He asked which I hated more..  Food or getting him angry.  I said I couldn’t decide.  I know the answer he wanted,  but I really hate food.  When he’s angry I have his full attention as I’m punished, he’s really busy lately. It’s a hard choice. I was told to take my belt with me to the bathroom. I felt a surge of desire or pleasure run through me (I’m not sure which). I said, “Oh god..  Noo.” even after I arched my back at the sudden sensation. I got in the bathroom but forgot the stand for my phone and practically ran to get it.  Then i thought “No what?” A slight fear gripped me as I received a video call from him. He didn’t look happy. There was no getting out of this, I removed my pants. I then grabbed my belt and faced the wall as he said. He had me spank myself as he scolded me.  I really never remember anything he says when he has me strike myself between words, but it’s good that there was no quiz. He asked me something. Again,  I don’t recall the question. I said,  “Yes.” He gave me no hints and told me to strike myself. This was repeated 4 times until I said “Yes… Sir”. Then he started counting.  He didn’t tell me how many I was getting.  As he counted I spanked myself on his behalf. I hoped he’d stop at 15, but he didn’t.  Maybe 20, but he continued to 25. Then he said to switch to the other side. It hurts so much more on my right side because I’m right handed and have to get the belt to swing clear around my body. That extra force is extra painful. I’d need double strokes on the left side just to keep up. I hit my upper thigh once during this, I loved the feeling of that. I tried to strike there again, but didn’t succeed. (I need better aim.) Some strokes hurt so much that I winced and clenched my teeth. I refuse to cry out. Hesitating too long and delaying his count would increase my punishment so I tried to keep up. At 25 I was told to turn around to face him, but I needed a minute to gain the ability to move. I had to kneel before the camera. He talked. Again, how can I be expected to remember what he says? I do remember that he said that it wasn’t over and I whined. I was told to stand up and face the wall. He ordered 20 on each side. The right side was again more painful. I resisted the urge on some strokes to jump around and instead gripped my arm my right arm with my left for comfort. When that was over I was told to kneel before the camera. I needed a minute to do so. So he talked again. Blah blah blah. I heard him at the time, but I just don’t remember except when he reminded me that I’d told him to double my punishment. I said “No.” that I didn’t mean that, but it was use. Actually, I did mean it at the time. So it was more of the same treatment. I think it was another 20 on each side. I felt ok other than the stinging. I had to kneel before him, but took care not to sit. He asked again which I hated more.. Eating or making him angry. I picked the 2nd choice which was really choosing to end my punishment, I still hate eating a whole lot. He asked if I wanted to try sitting, I said “No, sir.” He askes if I was okay. I said “yes”. I thought it was out of concern. But he said “You’re STILL okay??” I said, “No sir.” He asked whay I waa going to do and I told him I was goinv to eat. He said I could go. I raised my eyes to look at him and said “okay”. I ended the call. I then laid my head in my hands while nearly on all fours. I made a very strange sound. I half sighed and half hummed until I ran about of breath about 3 times as I felt the central cooled air touch my burning bottom. I stayed in that position about 2 minutes before getting up to go eat. This pain has officially surpassed what I got from my husband in December. I keep forgetting and get such a shock when I sit down or lie on my back. Owwwwww.

Food Vs Fire And Pain And Lectures.. Not A Fair Fight.

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