Is He Serious?.. Apparently Yes

I really didn’t think I’d be writing today. Today I don’t trust that I remember clearly, I was more noodle brained than usual today (Perhaps due to missing dinner and having only 1 meal and 2 snacks yesterday) . I will do my best.

Don’t you just hate when you tell your master something you’ve done and he immediately tells you to get into position? My traitorous body experiences a surge of desire and pleasure which I’d sometimes describe as the same feeling of an orgasm (if that’s even possible). Nothing that intense today, mostly just shock and wishing that it wouldn’t happen. When it was determined that he was apparently serious.. I did as I was told. I gathered the necessary tools and went into the bathroom.

In the bathroom, I stood there a minute. Then I started doing my hair since there was a mirror in there. I was just about to start curling my hair when he asked where I was. When I told him, he called. He said he had to go in 15 minutes. I was relieved because I thought it wouldn’t be that bad, I was wrong. I was in trouble for my eating habits. I’d just told him I forgot to eat dinner last night. He asked what I was there for. I said I didn’t know. He told me to guess. I said for “forgetting to eat dinner.” He said “What else?” I said I don’t know. He said it will be worse if I don’t know. I said for “eating breakfast late.” He said it was a missed meal (The rule is that I must have breakfast by 11am, why can’t I just have brunch?). He said what else and I didn’t know. He went over my infractions. Ok, so it was going to be for missing a meal, not caring, and thinking he wouldn’t know. He said that if I promised to remember to eat that he wouldn’t spank me. That was tempting. I wonder if my smile gave it away, I can’t lie to save my life. When he asked if I’d remember, I said, “Yes, sir” with mock confidence, it probably sounded like more of a question. He asked if I thought that was all, I said “yes sir” with even less confidence. He said that it wasn’t, that he needed to be sure. I lowered my head in disappointment. He told me to get on my knees and turn around. I first removed everything but my bra and did as I was told. He instructed me to strike myself with my belt and he counted to 25 and another 25 on my other side. I was told to face him. He lectured me, but I often can’t remember anything he says. The next punishment was for not caring about breakfast. I was told to turn and and be on my knees. It was 25 more on each side. He had me face him again. He lectured me and then the next punishment was for doubting that he’d take care of it. It was 25 on the left and 26 on the right. I had gotten worried because I thought he wouldn’t stop. I have no idea what the extra atroke was for. It had to be for saying no, not saying sir, or because he felt like it. He said to remain facing him and to start on the other side. I thought I knew what he meant, but I couldn’t believe it, so I said “which side is that?” He said the right side, I didn’t say that I’d just finished on that side. I think he said that purposely to punish me further. He knows I always start on the left and end on the right, but I did as I was told. 25 on the right, then 25 on the left. I was so ready to cum, so I figured I was close to my limit. He asked what I was punished for. I felt panicked because I couldn’t remember. He told me to get on my knees. I got more strokes up to 25 on my left as he lectured me about what I was punished for. He asked me again. I gave him the first 2 reasons: Missing breakfast and not caring. He told me to get up on my knees and I endured another spanking and lecture, I tried to pay attention this time. When it was done, he asked me again. I again gave him the first 2 reasons and forgot the rest. I was failing miserably at these quizzes and wondered why he was doing this to me. I was told to get on my knees. I said “n…” which turned into a sound instead of the word no as I clamped my mouth shut. I had to get back on my knees to be punished and lectured again. I paid closer attention this time. This time I gave him the reason I kept getting reminded of “That I should fear your anger”. He said he wanted all the reasons, so I started over in the order in which I was punished for them: Forgetting to eat, Not caring, fear his anger. He said what else. I said I don’t know. I said a silent prayer (something like “oh.. god.. help me.” Ok, so not really a prayer) in my final seconds before I was again on my knees while spanked and lectured again. The last one was thinking that he wouldn’t remember (I think). But I passed the quiz. He asked if I’d learned my lessons, I said, “Yes, Sir” confidently. He asked if I thought it was over. I said, “Yes, sir.” He asked if that was everything. I hung my head lower than usual and said “no.. Sir” He asked what else I’d be punished for. I said for “talking to a guy on Skype…. That he said I couldn’t talk to. He said “what else?” I didn’t know. He said it was for wanting to see another guys dick and something else along those lines. I stopped listening after the first thing as I considered how doomed I was. Everything he said after that was like background music for my funeral. He said I had to sit on my butt and get my brush. I started to protest, but clamped my mouth shut again. I got 30 on my clit before he said to get back on my knees strokes and administer 2 on my butt for saying no. Then another 20 on my clit. He’d said to strike it harder but I didn’t want to end up on the ceiling. I was already jumping high enough and moaning from the pain. Afterwards he asked if I learned my lesson. I said “yes Sir.” I can say that with the highest confidence (that is forgotten in about an hour because that area doesn’t hold onto pain). He said to rub the brush there and I did. I was still so ready to cum. He asked if I wanted it inside. I moaned but didn’t answer. He said to put the handle in as I remained on my knees, so I did. It wasn’t a large handle but I could feel every part of it because of how tight I am in there. So I was allowed to move the brush handle in and out. He wanted me to moan louder. To give him instructions and ask him to cum, but I couldn’t manage any of that. There was hardly any break from moaning. I sat on my butt for a second until I remembered the pain. He instructed me to get back on my knees. When I thought of my punishment I became more aroused. I had 2 orgasms about 5 minutes apart. Finally he had his and I stopped. I had no desire left, it must have been at least 20 minutes of stimulation. Those times when I stopped moving, but continued moaning, those were orgasms, when the wave was done I resumed moving it because he said not to stop. We had been on video for 58 minutes and he said he was late. We both laughed. He said he was going to punish me for it and to get back on my knees. I didn’t question it, it’s so much worse if I resist. But he said he was joking and I relaxed. He said he had to go. I said, “So go.” I didn’t end the video because I wasn’t going anywhere. I was going to sit right there. My legs were shaking at random times like I was getting electrocuted with a light voltage. I don’t know what the hell that is… Aftershock orgasms? He asked what I was going to do. I said I was sitting. He said, “recovering?” I hadn’t known the explanation, but that was the perfect word. I said, Yes. He said “From what?” I think he knew very well from what. But I told him anyway “From 2 orgasms…”
“What else? ”
“… And my punishment.” He asked if there was anything I wanted to tell him. I quickly said no. He asked if I thought before answering. I said “no, sir” He told me to think about it. There’s always one thing, but it’s hard to say because I wonder why I would want to say it. Due to his patience, I told him that I’d wanted to say “Thank you for spanking me.” He asked if there was anything else, but there was nothing else I could bring myself to say. I would have otherwise thanked him for the sex too, but at the moment that is still crossing the line…MY line. He said bye and waved. I said bye and ended the video.

After a few seconds with my legs still having shaking episodes, I got up. I put my belt and brush away, but I wash things I’ve used for.. Pleasure. I did my hair and looked at the time… 10:52. 10:52..? Shit! I put my hair supplies away and went to the kitchen. I put 2 potatoes in the microwave for 5 minutes, then I went to my room and layed on my stomach (and forgot since I wasn’t timing them). Minutes later I looked at the time.. 11:00.!! I jumped up and ran to the kitchen. The potatoes were hot but still hard. I set the microwave for 4 more minutes. Well, I ended up eating about 12 minutes late, but he should understand being late. Lol. Any resulting punishment should be cut in half because it wasn’t my fault and walking with jittery legs could be dangerous, right? Don’t you all agree with me?

I ordered a paddle yesterday. He said if he had time to punish me before it arrived that he’d have to punish me again to test it. So of course, now I’m worried. Lol.

Is He Serious?.. Apparently Yes

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