His Feelings

This is what my master wrote about me. It’s so sweet that I feel surrounded with his warm embrace everytime I read it. Upon his approval I will share.

She doesnt know, She doesnt know she changed me, she doesnt know she changed my limits, my expectations, my kind character.Changed me to be a responsible person. I am always responsible, but in a relation she showed me from another point of view. Responsible like a guardian, Like caring, Like a father, a husband, but never a kid 🙂 Changed me to see again things I started to believe I wont find. She’s so honest, she doesnt lie. She tells me the bad before the good, admits her mistakes and faults, and doesnt get stubborn. She accepts the punishments. When she promises, she does her best not to break that promise. She made me rediscover Honesty. Caused me to see people, “Females” differently. She is so sweet, I never thought a lady can be that sweet, I saw sweet girls, heard sweet words, but never never this sweet. She cares a lot when talking, ask her something, she won’t give you a small one word answer, she will talk and explain with details. Details ?! I love details, she used to (Means not recently) give me allll the details, i love details. And when she talks about something, she explains in F*KNG details. It’s just so annoying when she does a lot but not enough, to reach a place where no one else reached, (I ADMIT) but not to the end, sometimes she just ……grrr……says no when she was saying yes all the time. I hate to hear no. Its just so annoying that she is a bit shy, she is amazing in bed, I cant deny it, I never will find someone who would have her crazyness, but, she makes me do things i never thought i will, that I don’t care of doing even if i never dreamed to do. BUT I still have needs, and I need to hear her talking, Dirty yes. Asking me what she wants, she enjoys me so much, but sometimes you get to a moment you want to do next, or change something and you get a feeling of hesitation, maybe she doesn’t want me to move, or she wants me to really change it, maybe she likes it so much and maybe she doesnt like it. Mmm…….I trust myself, its not that am bad in that, but I sometimes feel the need to hear her requests. While I am also so dom, I sometimes feel I want her to be the queen tonight, kind of a change, and i will obey all, but i need her to ask 🙂 Her shyness and silence is just a bit annoying. Away from sex, it’s also VERY ANNOYING that she made everyone else boring !! She is so interesting, since I’ve known her I haven’t felt the need to talk to someone else. Its soooo annoying, everyone else seems boring now!! She is a perfect match when it comes to chat, discussion, sexual talk, I can stay with her for hours. It makes others sound so boring with their silly answers. Even those who used to be interesting before meeting her. I can write a lot about her.

His Feelings

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