Decided in My Sleep

I Have Woken Up With A Smile On My Face

Written on December 23rd, 2012

My dream made a decision for me and I don’t regret it yet. The thing is I’ve been separated from my husband for over a year. At about the 1 year mark I had the dream. This was THE dream. It was so important because the situation was very wrong but what we were doing felt so right.

I’ve never had such feelings from a dream before. I felt a soul connection, it wasn’t just a superficial activity. In my dream I was truly happy, I had my soulmate. Since I never get to finish a dream, I woke up. I wondered if it was a bad idea to let a dream get to me, but I was compelled to call him. He can tell when I’m in a great mood, of course. I told him that I decided to give him the chance he’d been harassing me for and that I wondered if I had temporarily lost my mind. He seems to feel that I’m sane, of course he’d say that. Lol. Another thing is that I didn’t need a dream to tell me that he’s my soulmate, because I always knew, it was a nice reminder that caught me totally offguard. I went to sleep feeling indifferent and determined to stay that way. I don’t have a defense for dreams.
The dream was this:

People that I know where around us cheering or making positive comments. My husband and I were on the floor naked, him on top penetrating me. I was moving with him despite feeling self conscious and wishing we weren’t nude. There were two scoreboards, but they were actually meters that seemed to measure waves of pleasure, one was his and the other was mine. We seemed to be in a competitive game of who could experience the most pleasure. It really was disturbing to have spectators, but I seemed to be the only one bothered by this, yet kept it to myself. He didn’t seem to be bothered by being watched. We made a deep connection between our souls. Both meters reached their limit at different times, dropped, then filled again over and over again, then I woke up. In that dream I recognized my soulmate. It was physical and yet very emotional.

When I woke up I had no emotional defenses and couldn’t wait to talk to him. I ignored my logic that keeps saying it’s a bad idea, maybe I’ll listen to my heart for once. So we’re going to give us a chance because I had a ridiculous dream that shattered all of my emotional defenses. I don’t expect anyone to understand, that’s just the way it is right now. 😀

Decided in My Sleep

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